August 28, 2011

My teething baby

First off, the Brewers won last night and Tyler got to see a good game!  Kyla had a great nap yesterday afternoon so was really good last night.  Today on the other hand, not so good.  Thank goodness Daddy was home with us.  I don't think she's ever been this fussy!  I know she has at least three new teeth coming in and is just in so much pain.  Poor thing!

She has started talking a lot more though.  She's talking to me as I type this :)  She's rolling on the floor with a book saying "Baaaaaaaaaa".  My mom called a little bit ago and Kyla was talking so loud I couldn't even hear my mom.  Every time I started talking, Kyla started talking even louder.

Besides being miserable from teething, she also is getting really frustrated with the whole crawling thing (or lack thereof).  She is trying so hard, but is still moving backwards, which does NOT make her happy.


Got my nuk, now I just need that darn remote!

Going in the wrong direction

What the heck you lookin at?

Don't just smile at me Daddy.  Help a sister out!

She loves when I brush her teeth and she got some practice last night brushing all by herself.  Note to self, toothbrush makes a great toy in desperate situations...

She can now stand at the couch for oh, I don't know, about 3 seconds :)  By the time I got next to her to take a better picture, she was tired and plopped down.

And we now have a nuk addict.  Before she only really cared about it at bedtime.  Now she thinks she needs it all the time.  Maybe it's just during this teething time, I'm not sure.  At this particular moment today, I guess one just wasn't enough :)

She's not loving her jumper the last couple of days either.  When we try to put her in it, she screams and crosses her legs so we can't get her feet in the holes.  I did get one picture without the "Get me the heck outta here look"...

She was a great little girl at Target today, as usual.

Mmm, she loves to eat books!

And a few other random acts of cuteness...

Did you all think I was lying about her being fussy all day with all these cute pictures?  

Too bad she's still cute as ever!


  1. Love it! Some of my babies are teething, and are not too happy about it! It's so fun to watch them grow, especially when they hit their milestones :)

  2. The one of her in the shopping cart is super cute! I need to remember my camera for our next shopping trip :-)


  3. Your daughter and my son are days apart! And whats so funny is, if we had a girl her name would've been Kyla. Crazy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that name. Whats her middle name? She's too cute. I love her little chubby legs in the picture of her standing up :)

  4. I CAN'T BELIEVE THATS HER NAME!!! Seriously. So crazy. That's EXACTLY what ours would've been Kyla Pearl. After her Grandma :) Too funny!!! Great name!

  5. I agree with Shawna the one in the shopping cart is adorable! I love her chubby legs.

    Those are monthly stickers and I got them on you can type in monthly stickers and a bunch of cute ones will come up and they aren't expensice either. I got mine made all the way to 24 months.

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

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