August 27, 2011

My Brewer-less summer

I swear Kyla gained 5 pounds on vacation (Mommy probably did too) and grew a few inches.  Looking back at the pictures from Hayward, she just looks so big!  And she is looking more and more like her daddy.  My mom has been saying it for awhile now, but I finally admitted  realized it this week!

Anyway, can you believe I have not been to Miller Park yet this season?  I know, it's absolutely crazy!  We're in a pennant race!  Tyler got two tickets from someone at work for tonight's game against the Cubs RIGHT BEHIND HOME PLATE!  And guess who's NOT going?  This girl!  Grandma Cheryl was going to come down to babysit, but she has to work now.  After being gone all week, I really don't think I want to leave her anyway.  She was so great on vacation, but has been fussy since we've been home.  I think it's a combination of getting back into our routine after a long week and having more teeth coming in.  I can see one more on the bottom coming in and three coming in on the top.

I joked with Tyler (one of those jokes where you're kinda serious too) that he should let me have the tickets and he can stay home with Kyla.  He laughed.  That didn't work out like I had planned :)  That's ok though, Kyla and I will stay home and watch it on tv and keep an eye out for Daddy.  GO BREW CREW!

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