August 15, 2011

Fun with Emma

Emma and I had a ton of fun today and have lots of pictures to share!  We decided to do our melty crayon project first since Kyla was napping.  I got the idea here, but I've seen it on a few different blogs.  It's a popular one lately :)  I'm really happy how they turned out!

Getting our crayons ready in the pattern we like best.  We used a 12x12 canvas and it fit 35 crayons.

Using a hot glue gun to glue the crayons to the canvas.  We decided we wanted to make sure the Crayola was showing on all of them.  Ok fine, I admit, Emma didn't really care, but my OCD kicked in a little bit.

Gluing done

 Emma proud of her masterpiece

We put foil on a cookie sheet and propped it up so it would drip.

Two coffee cups did the trick

Emma checking for drips!

We had to take a peek.  Bad idea!  When I shut the oven door, it fell over.
We left it in the oven for 5 minutes at 250 degrees.

Kyla's/Mommy's final product

Emma's final product

This was a fun project.  I may have had a little more fun than Emma, but I think she enjoyed it too :)

Next up...I wanted Emma to paint a picture on one of Kyla's plain white onsies.  She did such a great job.  I love it!

Getting the paint shirt on



Oh, look who's up!

Kyla loves making noise and loves water bottles even more so I decided we'd make some homemade rattles.  I saw the idea awhile ago here.  We used large beads as the noise makers and did a couple with water bottles, one with a little plastic container and one with a spice jar.  We made a funnel after dropping several beads on the floor and having a hard time finding them.

Shake Shake Shake

Simple, but Emma had fun with it and Kyla loves them!

We had lasagna for dinner and pre-birthday cake for dessert (don't be mad Mom)

Emma is such a great cousin (and babysitter)!

She read Kyla her bedtime story and Kyla sat still and listened.  It was absolutely precious!

What a great day!  Thanks for coming to spend the night with us Emma!  We had a blast!


  1. Those two granddaughters of mine are so precious! And I guess my daughter Amy is pretty amazing too. Great jobs girls!!! Love the pics!

  2. love the crayola idea. will deffinately be trying it the next time my 8 year old nephew stays over. he will love it, as he loves crafty projects! Thanks for the great idea. keep sharing!

  3. I knew she would have the best time ever at Aunties!!! Love all of the pictures! You are very creative and extremely patient! Thank you Amy for turning her birthday wishes into reality!! Happy Birthday to my amazing Emma girl! <3

  4. You are the cutest Mom EVER! Love the Crayola craft project! It looks like both little girls had a great time :)