August 12, 2011

Busy busy

For those of you wondering, Kyla slept 12 hours last night!  I got some great suggestions from my friend Jessie, my neighbor Erin and Shawna from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, who all have kids Kyla's age.  Thanks everyone!  I decided to leave her arms free, but swaddle the rest of her body.  Figured it might be better to ease into it a little bit.  I was so happy she slept so well.  I guess it's one of those things that's harder on the parents than it is on the baby!

We took a trip to Michael's and Target today.  Kyla was a trooper while I went through every aisle at Michael's and made a mental list of everything I want for Tot School.  I could go crazy in there!  I had a couple things in my cart, but ended up putting them back and told myself I could wait.  I did get a hot glue gun and a 7-pack of blank canvas pictures that were on sale.

We have a busy couple of days coming up.  Grandma Cheryl is here for the weekend to babysit while Tyler and I play in a sand volleyball tournament tomorrow (rain rain, please stay away).

Sunday we have Kyla's 7 month pictures.  I wanted to do 6 month pics, but I waited a few extra weeks so she wasn't so wobbly while sitting up.  I still need to figure out what to have her wear...just thought of that, lol!

There's a community picnic going on in town this weekend at a park about a block away from our house.  We're hoping to get over to that sometime too.  Maybe Mom & Dad will  go over and dance tomorrow night while Grandma babysits (haha, yeah right!). 

On Monday my niece, Emma, is coming to spend the night with us.  She turns 7 on Tuesday and all she wanted for her birthday was to come spend the night with us and "babysit" Kyla.  What a sweetheart!  I have some fun things planned for us on Monday.  We'll take her home Tuesday.  I am going to play volleyball that night while Tyler has a board meeting.  He is the newest member of the Village Board of Trustees.

Then I think my mom, Kyla and I are going to Lancaster on Wednesday to help my Grandma get some things packed.  She's moving into a new place in September.

Phew!  Then maybe on Thursday we will get back to our normal routine.  We like being busy though!  Especially since I know this winter we will be stuck inside a lot and wish we could get out.

 What now Mom?

I was SO bad at taking pictures, but this blog has made me a little crazy and taking new pictures every day to share with all of you!   Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Well darn, now I'm officially jealous again--I wish Brielle would sleep that well at night! LOL

    I love Michaels and Target too. My newest favorite though is Barnes and Noble--the one near me at least suddenly has rows and rows of educational toys/games/puzzles and they have all kinds of cute "teacher" stuff like bulletin board decor, etc. Heads up, I bet you'd love it! :-)

    I did the same thing for both Raya and Brielle. I always do the 6 month pics closer to 7 months so that they can sit. Good luck with pictures!


  2. I didn't even think to check Barnes and Noble. Will be checking it out this week! Thanks!