August 31, 2011

Grill master

I may not be a good cook, but the things I do cook, are damn good!  Tonight I decided I would stop being a pansy and give the grill a try.  Yes, it's true, I've never once used our grill.  I didn't know what I was doing and thought I was going to blow something up.  The propane tank intimidated me :)

Tonight I forced myself to grill so I didn't always have to make Tyler do it when he got home from work.  I wanted to have it ready when he got home.  I probably should admit that I called him and asked him to walk me through starting it over the phone.  But I'm good to go now.  So after making chicken and potatoes on the grill and boiling up some sweet corn from my mom, just call me the new grill master :)

I hope you all enjoyed Kyla's mess masterpiece today.  If you didn't see it, check out my earlier post from today.  She had so much fun painting with her food.  We chose carrots and peas because well, we didn't really mind wasting those ;)  It was her first painting project with many more to come!

And Kyla's new thing?  Reaching up and pushing buttons on the DVR and playing with my Willow Trees.  We're working on "No" but she doesn't quite get it yet.  Little stinker :)

Look at this little smirk.  Don't you smile, don't do it...

And now just some cute pictures from swinging at the park tonight.  Don't mind what looks to be one side ponytail.  I tried to fix her pig tails and got them way uneven, but didn't feel like messing with them again.  There's another one in the back somewhere.

Wordless Wednesday - Baby Food "Art"

August 30, 2011

Taco Tuesday

Do you like the new look so far?  I'm trying to make the blog look nicer so I figured a good start would be more cute pictures of Kyla.  I've been playing around on Picasa (thanks for the help Shawna) and finally figuring out how to do some fun things.  No more boring pink blog!  I really need a new picture of the three of us, but don't have one yet.  I think we have maybe three pictures of all of us since Kyla was born.  Pathetic, I know!  I will work on that and get a better one uploaded soon.

My mom called me tonight asking where "Crazy Tuesday" is.  Crazy Tuesday?  She said "Oh, well what's Tuesday?"  I realized she was talking about today's blog post.  I don't have anything creative for Tuesday's.  Sorry to disappoint.  I figured since we had enchiladas for dinner, Taco Tuesday would do.  Real creative, huh?  Speaking of dinner, I, being the idiot that I am, managed to burn my arm pretty good on the oven door.  Took a couple layers of skin off.  Sweet!

Kyla is feeling much better today.  She is back to her happy self.  We had a great day!  I found out she LOVES this book...

We read it about five times today and she laughed every time.  It may have been my silly voices :)  She wasn't scared of the monster one bit :)  Tonight it was Daddy's turn...

No more baby bath tub for our big girl! She LOVES bath time!

Swinging with Daddy.  I love this picture!

I got a kick out of her posing with her back leg up.  

I swear she's ready to say mama.  I say it and she puckers her lips like this like she's trying to make the "m" sound.  I try to get her to say dada too, I swear ;)

She had a good time with this toy today.  She hasn't played with it for awhile so it was like new.  I wasn't fast enough to get a picture, but right after this, she lifted her body up and was doing a bridge on this thing.  Then she toppled over.  But she's tough!

Who needs toys when you have the little card that comes with the calculator?  It's her new favorite thing.

Still working hard on crawling!

 Watching the Brewers with Daddy before bedtime.

Don't mind my huge stack of coupons on the floor that I have to clip yet.  I'm a little behind.  Instead of doing the things I should do like clean, clip coupons, etc. during Kyla's naps, I mess around on the computer.  Ugh!  I need to get some motivation to clean this week sometime though because we're having my dad's side of the family over on Saturday for a cookout.  I'm really excited for them all to come over!  Hopefully the weather is nice so we don't all have to be stuck in our tiny house.

Everyone get ready, my first giveaway is coming soon!

August 29, 2011

My Three Wishes

1.  I wish I knew how to sew.  I really want to take some classes somewhere.  I used to help my Grandma sew when I was little, but I lost any and all skills/knowledge from that.  I just really want to start with the basics - sewing a hole in a shirt, a button that fell off or hemming some pants and see where that takes me.  Stay tuned on this as I check out classes around Madison...

2.  I wish our basement was finished.  *Enter long sigh here*  Tyler said he wanted it done by Halloween, but I'd settle for Christmas.  It's been a long time coming and I cannot wait to have more living space, especially as Kyla gets bigger.  More room to play!  Here's what it looks like currently...

See my tiny little laundry room back there?  I don't mind that it's small, but I can't wait to not have to walk through this to get my clean clothes.

We've been dry walling ourselves (not me personally, I'm just the baby-watching food-provider), but Tyler is ready to hire the rest of it out.  We're waiting to hear back from a guy that was referred to us.  It's been a week so we're going to start calling around because this Momma is impatient!  Once the dry wall is finished, I can paint (yay!), we can get the trim work done, have the plumber and electrician come back to put their final touches on, carpet, light fixtures, furniture and bam, we're done!  I'd love to be able to decorate for Christmas down there.  We'll see.  Stay tuned on this one too...

3.  I wish I enjoyed cleaning.  I actually love to do laundry, which may be a little weird.  I think I enjoy it because I can sit down and watch tv while I fold the clothes.  It's relaxing to me.  But I despise ironing.  I will wait until I have a stack of Tyler's wrinkly work clothes and then finally give in one day.  I admit that sometimes it gets to the point where Tyler says "Do you know where all my khaki pants are?"  Oops, sorry, give me 15 minutes.  :)  I think I hate it because of all the Dick's Supermarket white collared shirts I had to iron growing up.  My mom and both my brothers worked there and I always got stuck ironing their shirts every day.  Haha, that's my excuse anyway.  So traumatic :)  Anyway, I don't mind the laundry (minus ironing) and vacuuming.  The rest, UGH!  Cleaning bathrooms and dusting?  The worst!  This is the one and only downfall of being a SAHM.  I realize I would still have to clean even if I was working, but I would at least have an excuse of why it didn't get done as often as it should.  Oh well, until I win the lottery and hire someone to clean, I'll keep on scrubbing (and complaining).

Sorry for the boring and Kyla-less post.  She still isn't feeling well and wasn't in the mood for pictures today.  She hopes you all understand :)

August 28, 2011

My teething baby

First off, the Brewers won last night and Tyler got to see a good game!  Kyla had a great nap yesterday afternoon so was really good last night.  Today on the other hand, not so good.  Thank goodness Daddy was home with us.  I don't think she's ever been this fussy!  I know she has at least three new teeth coming in and is just in so much pain.  Poor thing!

She has started talking a lot more though.  She's talking to me as I type this :)  She's rolling on the floor with a book saying "Baaaaaaaaaa".  My mom called a little bit ago and Kyla was talking so loud I couldn't even hear my mom.  Every time I started talking, Kyla started talking even louder.

Besides being miserable from teething, she also is getting really frustrated with the whole crawling thing (or lack thereof).  She is trying so hard, but is still moving backwards, which does NOT make her happy.


Got my nuk, now I just need that darn remote!

Going in the wrong direction

What the heck you lookin at?

Don't just smile at me Daddy.  Help a sister out!

She loves when I brush her teeth and she got some practice last night brushing all by herself.  Note to self, toothbrush makes a great toy in desperate situations...

She can now stand at the couch for oh, I don't know, about 3 seconds :)  By the time I got next to her to take a better picture, she was tired and plopped down.

And we now have a nuk addict.  Before she only really cared about it at bedtime.  Now she thinks she needs it all the time.  Maybe it's just during this teething time, I'm not sure.  At this particular moment today, I guess one just wasn't enough :)

She's not loving her jumper the last couple of days either.  When we try to put her in it, she screams and crosses her legs so we can't get her feet in the holes.  I did get one picture without the "Get me the heck outta here look"...

She was a great little girl at Target today, as usual.

Mmm, she loves to eat books!

And a few other random acts of cuteness...

Did you all think I was lying about her being fussy all day with all these cute pictures?  

Too bad she's still cute as ever!